Entrance to a church

According to tradition, the first to arrive at the church should be the mother of the bride accompanied by the father of the groom, if not of the godparents.    The groom waits at the altar. 

 - - As a true procession of reception, the groom with his mother, mother-in-law and father welcome the guests if they are present, but whoever is representing them .  Arriving at the church the bride, the groom with his mother enter the church and behind them, followed by the father of the groom with his mother. 

 - - This event will be held before starting the ceremony. 

 It is important to point out that men should walk to the right side of the person they are accompanying, so that they are on the same side within the Church 

 - On the right is the family of the bride and on the left that of the groom and the couple in the same way. 

 - - The boyfriend and the godmother    they enter the temple, followed by parents, family and friends.  . 

 According to tradition, the bride will enter the left arm of her father or who she chose as godfather. 

 The rest of the relatives, witnesses and the groom must be accommodated in the church, who must be facing the altar. 

 - - The priest celebrates the mass, but the protagonists of the marriage are the couple. 

 - - Within the church, the disposition of the people follows a traditional order.  Behind the bride and groom the parents and    godparents.  The relatives and friends of her, are located behind to the left, those of him, in the right part.  The order of honor usually n be parents,  grandparents, godparents, brothers, uncles cousins and friends. 

 - - The groom offers his left arm to the godmother, so he occupies the seat on the right before the altar.  .  The bride is placed to the left of the groom. 

 - - If there is a couple of children-pages carrying the arras, they will walk in front of the godfather and the bride.  Finally the bridesmaids will always be behind the bride.    

 - - The religious ceremony is over.  Behind the new couple, the parents and godparents will leave and they will be followed by the closest relatives and friends. 

 To the Term 

 Once the ceremony is over, the bride and groom go out together and then the sponsors and guests do it. 

 - - When the bride and groom appear at the threshold, they are greeted with the traditional rain of rice, petáis of roses or bubbles , anise (if desired) 0 Singing with a Choir, or a Pianist in the Church . 




 Sponsors and witnesses have an important role in weddings.  Although its function has lost prominence over time.  The godparents are those who "officially" deliver the boyfriends to the "other party" and the witnesses are responsible for testifying, with their signature that the marriage has been celebrated. 

 Seize the appointment last minute of the godfathers because it is a responsibility and to be n be warned in time and in most cases they help with wedding expenses. 


 The godparents have to dress    according to the ceremony.  You must inform them about how the suits will be so that theirs matches.   

 It is usually a tradition that the godfather brings the rings to the church or also the children who bring it in , where they will be given to the groom and he will give them to the priest in due course. 

 Both the boyfriend and the girlfriend will have a couple of witnesses, who can be men or women.  But on other occasions the rings are also filled by children in the arras.   

   You can choose your witnesses among close friends or among members of their    families , both of the groom and the bride.