How to organize your wedding

1- As choose the place of the reception 

 2- Hotel is 

 3- S alones to carry out events (RECEPTIONS) 

 4- Restaurant 

 5- Cattering 

 6- Decoration 

 7- Lighting 

8- Music 

9- Distribution of the Tables 

 10-  Charps 

 11 - Recommunications of Guests 

 12 - The photograph and  Video (Photo ) 

 13 - What should consider your wedding day 








 The choice of the ideal place for your event depends on the number of guests, the formality and informality of the celebration and the reason you have to celebrate.  Be it wedding, baptisms, birthdays (15  years) or any kind of event. 

 There are different places where you can celebrate your event : Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs , outdoors are the places that are most used for general events , and that have the necessary infrastructure . 

 It can ask for recommendations to friends, visit several places before settling on one and choose what is the best suits.   


 The organization of a party requires a minimum preparation time of two months.  P or at least some people do a year in advance.  Being very specific with the budget that counts and with what you want helps a lot . 

 Some of the essentials for when you visit or looking a place that you can go to choose: 

 Size of the place, verify the space if it is large enough for the disposition of your event . 

 What are the conditions of reservations and payment terms . 

 You can hire the services of cattering  where not to  the same where you are celebrating the event, as well as the music (orchestra) or decorator.  Calculate that l a  number of guests are relieved in the establishment. 

 Ask how many guests per waiter, since if you have many waiters, the service offered will be better . 

 Take into account how much you will have to pay for damage or breakage during the celebration of the event so that prices will not surprise you . 

 The food should be liked by the guests 

 The service has to be excellent 

 The election is important to do with time since most prestigious venues have busy dates up to one year in advance, especially at the end of the year . 

 When I decided to place will have to be aware that e l Local must be in harmony with the overall style of the wedding. 

 By visiting local personally look at every detail, lighting, air in good condition, high ceilings, in case you're using and what some gazebo and this according to the number of guests who will attend the activity. 





 It is a good idea , since they are located mostly in the downtown area of the city 


 The hotels in general have a long experience in organizing events in general and know perfectly the ritual of a wedding. 



 They are specialized in wedding celebration as they are also for economy and n are cheaper than hotels. 


 They know well the development of a wedding and they are in charge of the smallest detail, as the decorators and organizers of events can do. 


 The wedding halls have evolved a lot in recent times and the most prestigious weddings really memorable. 


 Normally they have several rooms with capacities for many guests . 






 It is a very interesting option especially for small celebrations although there are large rooms with capacity. 


 Restaurants are great specialists in more sophisticated and personalized menus. 



 You can choose the same hotel or the place where the reception will take place. 

 or a suitable place and that provides the necessary and economic comforts that are at your reach and economy, where you want your reception to take place, you must pay attention to certain aspects that will determine its environment: space, lighting, acoustics and decoration . 









 At a reception, what can impact the guests the most is the decoration.  The colors, the flowers, the contrasts, everything plays a very important role in the decoration, besides    You must maintain a balance with your dress and your personality.  Take into account the colors of the season.  A place can not adapt to the number of guests it attends, but it does have an effect on it. 

 Too big a place with few people comes to intimidate, and on the contrary, people in a place with insufficient space experience a feeling of misapplication 



 Make sure that the amount of light, both artificial and natural, is sufficient during the course of the reception.    You can ask if they have the ability to dim the light . 


 Verify that the Disk - Jokey ( orchestra ) has a special place and is located to be heard, seen and does not interrupt with the decoration . 









 The table of honor should be placed in a preferential place, if possible with good visibility to the whole place and near the track. 

 The bride and groom should sit on the table of honor, which can be round, rectangular;  the number of chairs and the size of the same will depend on the number of people that the couple would like to sit at that table . 

 Normally the parents of both are invited to share the table of honor with the couple . 

 The main table is preceded by the newlyweds, who sit in the center.  

 The groom's mother sits next to the bride.  The father of the bride and one of the godparents, next to the groom, the mother of the bride, the father of the groom and the other godfather 





 At the closest tables, the friends and then the other guests. 

 If the parents are separated, the table will be formed with the closest friends and the parents will be seated at separate tables but at the same distance from the grooms table . 

 For ev ITAR confusion and bad time if they are listed tables have people that tell the tables guests rightful and sit together people who are known or who are agusto together at the same table, the same s people you designated to help you can go  placing them on the tables to the guests . 

 But we must take into account not to sit together to separate marriages and people that we know do not get along. 

 If we sit the children together at a table, they will be more comfortable and it will be easier to attend if there are children at the reception except they are participating in the wedding. 

   If you are going to make the wedding in a garden or an outdoor place : 

 The area they need for the realization of the event would be convenient to use tents if it rains , where the guests will be, in the buffet area and the bar. 

 Check the services, bathroom and sinks very well, consider that they are enough for your guests.  Have everything you need for the event ready one day before . 



 It is very important that they have a power outlet nearby when they are going to install the tent, so that from there connect the light in advance and in case it happens to solve some problem with time and not start to install it when the night is falling and they know or have near the nearby power socket (plug) . 






 In order to receive the guests at the entrance, the mother of the bride, the father of the bride, the mother of the groom, the father of the groom, the bride and the groom are placed in a row. It is very important to have someone locating    to the os  guests 



 For make sure your photographer and video capture the most important moments of the wedding and that you will always remember, have one person responsible for that with a list of the names of the guests and relatives who want to take photos.  Then designate a close friend or relative to help you locate people 



 Bride getting ready 

 Mother or godmother helping the bride to get ready 

 Bride putting the boutonniere to her father 

 Bride leaving for the ceremony 

 Girlfriend and boyfriend 

 Bride with her father 

 Bride with her mother 

 Girlfriends with their parents together 

 Boyfriend with his parents 

 Boyfriend and girlfriend    with the godparents 

 Bride with little pages and ladies 

 Bride and groom with the parents of both 

 Bride and Groom with the groom's family 

 Bride and Groom with the bride's family 

 Boyfriend with his friends 

 Bride with her friends 



 Arrival of guests and family 

 The departure of the bride in the bridal car 

 Parents of the groom and girlfriend entering 

 Boyfriend walking down the hall 

 Bride with her father entering 




 Special guests 

 Exchange of rings 

 Officiating priest at Mass 


 Bride and groom dating 

 Signature of the marriage certificate 

 Bride and groom's hands wearing rings 

 The floral decoration of the church 

 the bride and groom in the bridal car 

 toast of parents

 Bride and groom toasting with cider or champagne 

 guests at the tables 

 First dance 

 Bride dancing with her father 

 Boyfriend dancing with his mother 

 Boyfriend and girlfriend cutting the cake 

 Bride and groom leaving the place