Preparations for your wedding

Preparations for your Wedding 

 Choosing the Biscuit is not just another step in the preparations for the party, you have to give it importance and the time it requires.  This piece is the main decorative element of your wedding . 

 El Biscuit is, in most parties, a work of art, which reflects the motive and style of the event .  All dreams and illusions can be portrayed through the sponge cake, in most cases 

 There are many designs prices vary according to size, taste, decoration and pounds , there are different styles;  traditional or simple either rectangular, round, square or multi-piece with pedestals to separate each floor or overlapping or camouflage that are more than currently used . 

 The wedding cake is part of a thousand-year old tradition in the city of Rome, since then it remains one of the main details in the reception. 

 At the forefront The custom of making the cake , only based on flour has been left a little behind, nowadays you can now mix delicious ingredients such as chocolate, liquor, pistachios, nuts, fruits or those who want more ingredients .  For this season, the combination of are almond and almonds;  pineapple colada and chocolate. 

 Dimensions and prices 

 The size of the cake will depend on the number of guests, so you must establish, before ordering, the number of people attending your wedding, we recommend you consider a larger amount to prevent any unforeseen.  Also, depending on the size of the biscuit so its value will be, the price per pound    It varies from different prices, depending on the ingredients    and the decorative work you choose.  The price depends on the number of pounds that you send to evoke and  sometimes not all the guests do not eat cake, and take into account the budget that account. 

 How to split the Biscuit 

 The moment to cut the cake is one of the most anticipated by the bride and groom and the guests, and it is almost always left as the last ritual in the celebration. 

 Here are some steps to enhance that moment. 

 Announce that you are going to split the cake .  the one in charge of the music who warns the guests and who starts with a soft music . 

 R indicates the photographer and video to be placed in a suitable location. 

 Use a spatula to break a cake 

 Both cut the cake .  To do this you must place your right hand below your boyfriend's. 

 Following the tradition of husbands, he gives you a piece of cake and then you are given to him. 

 When you distribute the cake , you must serve your in-laws and your husband to your parents. 



 Something more about the wedding cake 

 According to tradition, keep a piece of cake or one of the smallest pieces to celebrate the first anniversary of being married.  According to some experiences this one, it keeps very well and for a long time, in the fridge and if you want to eat a little you just have to put it to heat in the microwave . 



 what the father can do

 As the bride's father, there are thousands of things you can do besides helping the bride and groom settle their wedding bills.  Remember that this is your daughter's most important day and it is essential that you give it to her to understand, supporting her in everything she asks of you . 


 And even if I do not tell you, you can approach her and ask her how you can help her .  You will be happy that you are part of the organization of your wedding and take some worries off. 

 father of the bride


 Accompany your daughter in everything she asks of you;  Maybe you love the idea of going with her to choose from her dress, to the invitations and the memories for the guests. 


 Help the couple to find the place for the ceremony and reception, making sure that both places are close to each other for more comfort . 

 If they get married somewhere other than where they live far away, many outside guests will come  take care to get them the necessary accommodation and transportation. 

 Even if you are the one who pays most or all of the wedding, have the courtesy to ask your daughter the number of guests you can have or tell her how many you want to invite.  Give him the list with the details of your guests, this way you will save this heavy work. 


 Agree with both about the drink they will give at the reception.  Maybe you can suggest a special wine or order yourself to buy them and give them to the person in charge of the celebration. 

 Comes to choosing the menu along with your wife, boyfriends and your "laws".  Do not hesitate to suggest or think what you think about the buffet that the bride and groom have chosen. 

 Accompany the groom to choose his suit so you can take the opportunity to choose the yours. 

 Choose together with your daughter, the song that will dance at the reception. 

 Agree with her the way you should place yourself in the procession and if you do not know, ask her what you have to do: how to stand, how to walk, where to sit. 

 You can go in the same vehicle as your daughter to the ceremony. 

 Walk with her down the aisle of the church to the altar and give her to her future husband. 

 If you decide to have a reception line to receive the guests do not hesitate to be at the front of it. 

 Sit at the table of honor or that table that your daughter has saved for you. 

 If they offer, prepare in advance some words to dedicate to your daughter, to the couple as a couple and to thank the guests for their presence. 

 Dance with your daughter that song that will surely be very special. 

 Walk the reception area to thank the guests for being there. 

 Live with your daughter, dance and have fun by her side;  Remember that it is a special day for her and she will love that you spend it as well as she does. 

 Make sure that the drink is served well and that nothing is missing at the bar. 

 Take some extra money in case there is a need to pay for something that was not planned.  I will take the bride and groom to the place where they will spend the honeymoon. 




 And of course, think what you want during the planning of the wedding, always trying to be prudent to accept the decisions of the couple and respect the way they want to make any detail . 


 Once the wedding is over, when you say goodbye to your already married daughter, tell her what you want, give her the best and congratulate yourself for the good job you have done, but above all for being with her in these special moments . 

 Nowadays, the tradition of toasting the bride and groom during the reception of a wedding, before starting the party, takes place only if the bride and groom wish it.  This is not mandatory to be done 

 What the Godmother should do 

 One of the most difficult but exciting moments of any bride, is the choice of who will be her godmother, since that way she will have the opportunity to thank that friend she has known since childhood, or her sister who is inseparable or her sister in law. who perhaps loves a lot or his own mother . 

 If you are among those chosen to be part of the courtship of a friend, you must know what you have to do the big day, for which it is necessary to know what this important role is. 

 Traditionally, the bride chooses her sister or her best friend to be with her during the organization of the wedding, until the altar.  For this reason, the bride always tries to choose someone who can give her moral support and who can give her an endless number of responsibilities that she knows will make them very good taste and assuring that she will help her enormously. 


 Who and how many are 

 In the past, the godmothers escorted the bride 

 Today, probably the godmothers will not have to defend the bride of anything, but you must be aware of what she needs, during the process of organizing the wedding, like the big day. 

 Your roles 

 Although the most important role you will take on the wedding day, there are other things you can do to support the bride in this important stage of her life, 

 Make a bachelorette party or help the organizer of the same to make it look great. 

 Offer your support with anything of the wedding, such as handing out invitations, picking up some accessory of the ceremony, making the souvenirs. 

 Verify that everything is in order during reception. 

 As the godmother help the bride 

 Help the bride in all the details, even the smallest as the invitations write the address of the same and distribute them. 

 Assists the bride in the choice of souvenirs and in the purchase of them. 

 Something optional, is that it organizes the bride, alone, or with someone else, a bachelorette party or single which can be celebrated together . 

 Agree on the clothes that correspond to each one, keep them informed about the tests and guide them in what they should do during the wedding day.  She pays for her own clothes. 



 In the same way, choose together with the godmothers and godparents, accessories and jewelry that will carry the big day. 

 Assign a person to keep track of the gifts the bride is receiving and help her write the thank-you notes 

 Make sure the godparents and godparents arrive on time for the ceremony and everyone brings the correct attire. 

 Help the bride to get dressed on the day of the wedding and say some words of encouragement before the way to the altar. 

 Accommodates the veil and tail of the wedding dress, once it is on the altar and has taken its place. 

 It is part of the reception line - if there is one, and if the bride wishes, she can sit at the table of honor. 

 And finally, be chosen as godmother    it is something very special;  surely the girlfriend chose you because she is very fond of you because there are few people who are part of it, so support the bride and make her feel that you appreciate her choice. 

 In a wedding there are many empty places to invite the favorite people of the couple to be part of their courtship or to have a special role, such as godparents, witnesses and pages, among others.  This has positive things for them, such as being able to involve their closest friends and family members in something as important as the day they both leave the bachelorhood. 


 One of the main roles in any wedding is that of the godmother, so if you were chosen for it, it will surely be an emotion for you to accept it and be part of something so special, you must agree with the bride from the beginning, to be aware of the plans in which you are involved and the cost that this help will represent, now that you do not miss the bride. 

 And above all, try to resolve any situation that the bride goes through, as well as soften the problems that arise and alleviate the entire process so that you actually enjoy it. 


 But even knowing everything you can do, the bride should not expect you, as a godmother, to know exactly what to do or read her mind at all times.  The important thing about this role, is that you know literally all the plans of the bride and what you have to do.  Always remember to thank your decision to choose you and h to blar with it honestly when you do not agree with something, I assure you understand. 

 If you marry out of town 

 Organizing a wedding outside the city is not an easy task;  it takes a lot of time to plan it and more when one is far away from the place chosen to celebrate it. 

 Of course, if they have already decided to marry away from home, no power over human will be able to convince them to change their mind.  Just think that it will be more difficult for all the people you invite to attend and maybe they will leave a little more expensive than if they made their wedding in the place where they live. 


 Even so, making a different wedding can be a unique and unforgettable experience, so here are some suggestions and tips that you can take into account if you will be married outside of your city: 




 Look at the internet place to get married and contact those in charge via mail or telephone for safety.  You can also go to a travel agency to advise and recommend the best places to get married and assist you in organizing transport and accommodation . 

 Once they have contacted several places, ask them to send the information by mail , email or Fax . 

 Find out the climate of the place before choosing your wedding date.  Just imagine for example, who want to marry in the rainy or hurricane seasons have to take into account this season. 

 Ask about the wedding packages they can offer and what each one includes in hotels and travel agencies .  Many places have packages whose cost includes photo and video service, judge, flowers and decoration.  which could represent a great saving for you of time and inconveniences . 

 Do not pay anything until you are sure that you are dealing with a serious company and that you have read the contract before. 

 There are many places at whose cost, the wedding coordination service is included;  In case there is not, ask directly in the place if you can contact them, because from afar, I assure you that they will need it. 

 The guests they have will depend on the type of wedding they want.  Maybe you prefer to make your most intimate wedding where you two and a few guests or want to do it big, so you should think about the remoteness of the place and the cost of transportation and lodging for your guests. 

 If you plan to invite a lot of people, let them know in advance the date of your wedding so that they can book it, because, if it is a trip away, it takes a lot of time to plan it.  They must do it before sending the invitations 

 Surely some guests will take this trip as a vacation, so they can send some time before information about hotels, transportation and activities they can do. 

 When choosing what kind of drinks you will offer at your wedding, you must set a budget proportional to the number of guests who will attend your wedding. 

 The amount of drinks you should count with depends a lot on how many guests you have invited for your reception, but here we are going to show you some suggestions. 



Whisky Whiskey

Vino Tinto Red wine

Vino Blanco White wine

Vodka Vodka

Champagne Champagne

Invitados Guests

Cantidad de Botellas requeridas Quantity of Bottles required







25 25

4 4

6 6

3 3

1 1

9 9

50 50

7 7

12 12

6 6

2 2

18 18

75 75

12 12

18 18

7 7

4 4

25 25

100 100

16 16

24 24

10 10

5 5

34 3. 4

150 150

23 2. 3

36 36

16 16

6 6

52 52

200 200

32 32

48 48

20 20

10 10

68 68

300 300

48 48

72 72

30 30

15 15

102 102

 If the wedding is day, it is very convenient to give    came, usually people arrive heated from the mass. 


 To buy drinks 


 Buying drinks in a box beforehand is cheaper than buying it where you are doing the activity. 

 It is recommended that the drink be the first to be acquired. Since whiskey is generally the most frequent drink, it is convenient to buy them per box because it is cheaper 

 Another suggestion of the sources consulted is to buy the least expensive drinks boxes, and they are ordered to serve drinks and drinks. 

 When someone prepares to hold a party, of any kind, pretends and wishes to be sensational and usually has more expectations than those that are met.  We think of all the possible details, Buffet, music, photography, video, drinks and cattering services. 

 There are two fundamental points in any reception that you should know 

 The music and the drink, without one or another celebration (reception) decays in intensity. 

 It is important to keep in mind certain things. 

 How will the guests that are going to be present be composed? 

 What drink will be offered during the reception 

 If foreign guests come, some have particular characteristics of consumption of food and drink