Requirements. Catholic and Civil wedding


Importance of Marriage 

 Marriage among Catholics is one of the most important steps of the human being for this, in addition to involving beliefs is necessary a series of essential requirements to formalize the commitment of a couple before God and before the Church.



 Like Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, the Eucharist,    Marriage is a Sacrament. 

 As a sacrament is a sensitive sign of divine grace, to receive it, some spiritual preparation is necessary. 

 But the social freedom that prevails today gives rise to more authentic attitudes: only those who want to do so will marry for the Church.  And for them, the premarital course will not be another step in the bulky marriage agenda, but the opportunity to restore its value to the sacrament. 

 The pre-marital course consists of a series of talks in which    delves into topics such as: Human Person, Keys to coexistence, Communication in marriage, Love and Communion, Responsible parenthood and the position of the Church in this regard, where the sacramental part and the meaning of marriage, sexuality, family and Spirituality are touched conjugal among others. 

 The Cursillo serves to make the couple aware of the step they are taking and to make them reflect on other topics such as    the children and their education, among others.  It also serves to clarify that married life is as beautiful as it is difficult, but that the presence of God will be the force of union that will help to overcome differences.  And it also serves to remind you that, beyond all fights, marriage is a source of happiness. 

                                            REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTRACTING CATHOLIC MARRIAGE 

   For the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage, you must prepare the following documents for the preparation of the marriage record.    The direct person responsible for making the celebration of this sacrament possible is You.  



 1. Birth certificate (certified and legalized) (recent, no more than 1 year after it was issued) 

A. Boyfriend. 

B. B. Bride 

 2. Christening certificate (recent, not more than six months after it was issued) 

 A. boyfriend 

 B. girlfriend 

 3. confirmation certificate. 

 A. Boyfriend 

 B. Bride 

 4. Identity documents (photocopy of the identity card or passport). 

 A. Boyfriend 

 B. Bride 

 5. Parent of the Bridegroom 

 6. Father of the Bride 

 7. Name of the parents of the wedding godparents. 

 8. Certificate of premarital training. 

 9. Reservation of date, three (3) months before the wedding, accompany the notarial translation. 

 10. If the documentation is not in Spanish for notarial translation. 

 11. Reservation of date NOT REFUNDABLE. 

 12. Wedding stipend balance (up to one week before marriage). 

 13. Floral offering to the church. 




 All the points mentioned above. 

 Civil marriage certificate. 

 Certified and legalized birth certificate of the children 

 Children's baptism certificate. 



 If either of the parties is divorced bring a divorce or annulment if that is the case. 

 If the bride does not belong to the parish territory, she must bring an authorization from her parish. 

 If some of the parties is not Catholic, he needs an ecclesiastical dispensation from the archdiocese 

 If any of the parties is a foreigner, he needs a letter of unmarried and ecclesiastical dispensation 

 In Most Churches is not allowed 

 No candles on the stairs 

 Decorators authorized by the parish only. 

 It does not decorate at night.