You think you marry


 Places to For the Wedding List 

 Where you plan to live 

 Wedding dress 

 The groom suit 

 The guest list 

 The dresses of the ladies should send it to make with time 

 Wedding invitations 


 Bachelor parties if they are going to do it separately or together 

 Defines the floral decoration 

 Disk - Jokey  or  orchestra

 Reception Hall 

 Choose the menu 

 distribution of the guests at the tables (if they are going to be listed) 

 decoration of the place 

 Send invitations with time 

 Dress and accessories of the bride: 

 Choose r the shoes to send them to lining (with time) 

 Choose the headdress, the bouquet and the jewelry if they are going to use it at the wedding 

 Test d hairstyle and makeup 

 It is essential to agree on the date with friends that you do not want to miss or forget. 

 were will be the wedding list which can to choose several places 

 To avoid setbacks you have to reserve in advance to  avoid  complications 


 Champagne Or Cider 


 The champagne is the traditional drink for most celebrations in special and the wedding official.  It is served at the beginning of the activity and the bride and groom at the beginning of the Biscuit taking pictures . Usually one or two drinks per guest are offered. 


 The bride is the first person they serve. 


 The toast 


 The toast is in charge of the father of the bride or the godfather, who raises the cup 

 The dance 

 The dance begins after the bride and groom finish taking the pictures, the dance is initiated by the couple with some special song they choose, and then the groom dances with the mother of the bride and the bride with the father of the groom if desired. . 

 The normal thing is that both are alone throughout the song, as they are the first moments they share as husbands. 

 When the first song ends, a second one will come where the parents of both of them will dance to the newlyweds, exchanging couples with each other. 

 You must decide who you want to dance at this moment: only your parents , your brothers, your grandparents, the godparents, the godmothers. 

 At the end of the dance, all those present will be invited to dance and the event will begin . 

 The priest who has officiated the wedding is always invited and if he accepts, he sits next to the father of the bride. 

 The bride is the one who cuts the cake . 


 The bouquet 

 A little advanced the party, the single women can go to the track to take the bouquet that will throw the bride. 

 The league 

 Afterwards, the boyfriend takes off the bride's tie and throws it at the singles. 



 You should keep in mind what you are going to spend 

 Keep in Mind the Most Primordial 

 If you do not have much budget, it is best to have few guests so that the expense does not rise too much . 

 contemplate Expenses 

 Planing in accordance with the Budget  Do not plan a wedding that goes beyond your budget. 

 To avoid setbacks 

 Have in advance the church and the place of the reception who will decorate you, buffet and everything related to the wedding.

 Depending on the Date of the Wedding you must take into account  the season of the year because we are in a tropical country. 

 Organization and planning 

 Buy an agenda where you can write down everything you need and save all the necessary notes and have all the vital information and annotations to gain time and have no mishap . 

 buying ahead of time

 It is better to buy with time so that you find everything you want and need for your wedding 



 Responsibilities of those who are in charge for the day of your wedding. Of family members or people close to the family who will help you to delegate functions between them

 Make confirmations 

 Put someone you trust to make the confirmation calls to the wedding for you 

 Commodity  Try to be as comfortable as you can .. 

Help for the big day There are so many things that you have to put on that day should have someone to help you that will facilitate and save time in preparation. Makeup and Stylist

 Be sure that what you chose is what you really want and like.  Visit the stylist and make-up artist to see his work and choose the one you like the most and perform a makeup test. 

 Special Treatments Do not try to do some beauty treatment days before the wedding, try a cream because you have some sort of reaction or makeup can help you as has happened in some cases. 

 Because even the photos can go wrong 

 Driving  stress 


 Exercising and a good diet will help you relax and especially to look perfect on that special day. 

 Sleeping well will help you rest and calm down so you do not get exhausted on your wedding day 

 Gifts  Perfect 

 Gift List is often difficult for guests to decide which gift to give the bride and groom.  The list of gifts helps them to choose a gift according to their budget knowing that this will be to the liking of the couple . 


 Before Wedding 

 Pearrings Earrings 

 Eat Good

  A Genda of the Day

 Beware of the Dress 

 touch of beauty



 With one year we will also begin to define the type of wedding we want : etiquette, informal, formal , etc.  since the type we choose will depend on many other preparations.