Your wedding step by step



  How to keep in mind that in many places  As are the churches, hotels and other places where events are held and activities are held, there is an authentic waiting list for events in general . 


 Establishments for its prestige or its facilities very  requested to host event and usually have reserved their rooms well in advance, it is desirable to visit and if that likes to make reservations early. 


 With a year we will also begin to define the type of activity that we want, of etiquette, formal and informal, since the type we choose will depend on the preparations. 

 You will need to have  an agenda to write down everything. As well as: your doubts, expenses, budgets, places, where the ceremony will be held , the honeymoon among other things . 


 Six months 


 Most preparations require this advance period preferably . 

 Develop a budget that allows us to control costs and know exactly what we can do, the expenditures are important when planning any type of event factor. 


 Make the guest list which will require time to do it with the couple . 


 To have located the place of the celebration of the activity  although the final number of guests is obtained later. 


 Choose the wedding dress, visit stores, make appointments and reservations . 


 Informally we will begin to tell the wedding date to family and friends. 


 Choose the destination and duration of the trip, make the reservation provisionally . 


 Contact the photographer and the video for the wedding as they also usually have the agenda occupied well in advance .  The bureaucracy requires your time and prepare all the necessary documentation we can not leave it for the last moment. 


 If we plan to put a wedding list  We can choose several places . 


 The dresses of the bridesmaids and the pages and send them to make in advance for any time . 


 Choose the Disk - Jokey music (orchestra or musical group) for the ceremony and make the appropriate reservations . 


 Two months 


 Check if you have chosen an exotic country for the honeymoon, the travel agency is a must Reservation Fee and everything in between. 


 Send wedding invitations and keep a good control of both the sent and the confirmations or cancellations received. 

 If gifts are received both in the home and in the place of the celebration of the activity, do not forget  thanks to the person who sent or brought the gift immediately after receiving it.


 One week 


 Perform the necessary body treatments, hair removal, massage. 


 We will contact all those who will collaborate on the event (hotel, restaurant, the buffet, decoration, photographer, music etc.) confirm that you have no problem.


 Talk with the people or families that will contribute with the preparations and determine the role that each one is going to play. 



 one day before


 review every detail


 The wedding day 


 Two hours before : 

 The bride dresses. 

 Photo session in the bride's house or in any other place that has been chosen . 

 The groom prepares for the wedding. 


 Thirty minutes before: 

 The vehicle arrives where the bride is going to be transported to the church . 

 The bridegroom arrives at the church with his mother's arm. 


 Five minutes before: 

 The bride arrives at the door of the Church. 

 The bridesmaids and the pages prepare for 

 form the cortege. 

 The bride puts the veil and tail of the dress in order 

 and take your father's arm. 





 Establish a budget and have priorities 

 If you do not have much budget, you must decide if you want  a wedding with few guests but very elegant and with many details, or if you want a wedding with many guests but a little easier. 

 Contemplate Expenses 

 Take into account extra expenses that you will not have contemplated.  Other expenses always leave as they go through the preparations. 

 Extra money. 

 Have a little money saved.  Many times couples spend  more than the initial budget.  That is why you should reserve part of your funds to have a relief. 


 Plan according to the Budget or what you can spend 

 Do not plan a wedding you can not afford.  Regardless of what you spend, the day of your wedding will be wonderful, but it will not be to pay debts for the following days . 




 Dates that do not coincide. 

 First visit and separate the Church where they want to get married.  Check that the date or wishing to marry is available before starting preparations which is very important. 


 Take the Climatic Conditions into Account 

 Do not trust that we will have the best weather at outdoor weddings.  Prepare yourself with a tent and n if the climate is complicated.  You have to remember that we are in the Caribbean area. 






 Try the rents and related to the wedding do not look for many places because that is more laborious at the time of the wedding if it is possible to do it in one place and they take care of the entire organization 


 Use Technology 

 With a computer and the Internet you can keep the lists of what you want such as: guests, farewells, gifts, selected suppliers, expenses and you can also find information about special places and check other hotels out of the passion for your honeymoon from the comfort of your home or your office  . 

 You have to have everything planned 

 To stay up to date visit various activities and hotels, clubs and others 

 Reserve or Buy with Time 

 In many places almost everything you have to separate a long time before the wedding date (1 year before).  It is better to take your time so that you find everything you want and need. 


 You need information 

 Ask family and friends for recommendations.  Maybe they can suggest related people , who do an excellent job related to their areas . 


 Search Information 


 Ask for references.  The photographer could recommend you and also the video you know or work together and music (DJ - JOKEY) 


 Make Reservation is for Appointments and Meetings with Related for the Wedding (suppliers) 


 They will know each other, they can show you the work they do and see if it is what you are looking for.  The provider should listen to your wedding plans and try to find ways to do what you want according to your budget.  If you are not happy with the person, if he pressures you to spend more than expected, if your style is not what you are looking for, do not waste your time and look for other options. 



 Search References 

 Making calls and visits is the best way to investigate and be sure of what you are looking for . 

 The responsibilities 

 Be sure of what are the responsibilities of the managers for your event and what are yours for suppliers. 

 Be Prepared for the Unforeseen 

 they must have plans in case arises if something unforeseen and unexpected.  T he room must have tables and chairs ready for mounting extra if more guests arrive. 


 The details 

 Having every detail written will help you reduce stress.  The annotation of names, dates, hours, payments, advances, remains, colors of tablecloths, will help you to have every detail agreed with the managers so that afterwards there are no misunderstandings. 


 The Decisions 

 Check very well and with time the contracts and information provided by those responsible for the same  to avoid setbacks 


 Have Those Who Help You or Who You Can Count On 

 Having a help or advice on planning your wedding will help you leave as you always dreamed.




  Delegate functions 

 A wedding is full of details that are very difficult to perform has to delegate responsibilities and others are relatives or close thereto 



 One times of anxiety or stress levels are added and it is harder to demand a good job. 



 Weeks before your wedding you will have to confirm the attendance of the guests and on the day of the wedding there will be enough calls just out of curiosity.  That day will have much to s outstanding tasks to be hung the phone calls from guests.  Put someone you trust who will do it for you ( mare , sister, sister in law, friend, among others ) 


 Consider Finding Extra Help 

 If for the place of the reception you need security (surveillance) parking and so that the day of your wedding is calm and without worries for you and your guests look for extra help. 


 Avoid Dictions 

 Must have in mind that can not please the whole world 

 You and your boyfriend are the ones who are marrying you are the ones who have to agree on everything 



 Think very well when making the guest list and take into account that always 

 They will have to cut out guests although this is very difficult. 



 If your wedding will be limited in budget and space, invite only family members, close relatives and close friends.  They are not in any obligation to invite people just because they invited you to their wedding, or because they invited your parents or because you took them with them in high school.  If you have not seen them for at least a year, check them out of the list .  Not all invited to the wedding an v.  And even if not all the guests of the list go and the preparation in general is done and paid. 


 The capacity of the guests becomes evident during the wedding.  If you do not have enough space to invite your entire list, you have to have a cold heart but you will have to remove several guests .  you will never finish 



 They can reserve the tables and accommodate the guests in advance, but this is sometimes problematic because some people do not want to sit down with others.  And others do not want to be so far away from the track,  l or convenient is when you are making reservations are people who know most of the guests to avoid inconveniences. 



 Many times when looking for your dress you will find one that will not be physically in the store but you order it or send it to your taste and measure.  This takes time.  That is why it is important that you look for it , buy it or send it to make up with time and that you have it ready just to give you the last arrangements a few months before. 




                                                                Try to be as comfortable as you can. 


 There are so many things that you have to wear that day (the veil, the dress,  socks, shoes, accessories) that having someone to help you will make it easier and save you time in the arrangement. 






 Be sure that what you chose is what you really want and like.  Visit the makeup artist to see his work and choose the one you like the most.  Make several tests that will help as practices and not to bring you surprises that day. 


 For the Good Management of stress 

 Exercising , listening to music, being totally relaxed will help you to de-stress , Sleeping well will help you to rest and calm down so as not to get exhausted on your wedding day and above all to look perfect on that special day for you . 



 Although many times you'll want to get better money ,  Not many people feel comfortable giving money 



 Make the last payments of the wedding days before this one and if there is one pending for that day, assign someone you trust to make them. 


 You have to eat light and well